Here’s the amazing bands we’re working with on Back From The Dead Records



UK Skate Punk.

Originally formed in 2002, this lot have played all across the country taking their infectious blend of skate punk melodies with a huge love of 80’s films.  FFO: Bad Religion, Snuff, NoFx, Guns N Wankers.



London based hardcore punk rock

We’ve known this lot for a fair few years now and their current line up is their strongest yet.  Armed with some incredible new tunes, this London based four piece are a perfect fit for the label.  They love beer and ice hockey!  FFO: Slapshot, Comeback Kid, Rotting Out.



London based jangly punk rock.

One of the UK’s classic punk rock bands.  They’ve been around for ages but also dead for ages too, so they really do fit the bill for us.  Think jangly punk rock tunes and fun lyrics.  Stupidly catchy stuff!

Links: To come…


Proper street punk!

Incredible street punk band that hail from Toronto.  Formed in 2014 and currently playing as a three piece, these boys play straight up street punk, its raw, its dirty and its just what you’d want from a street punk record.



Garage punk rock!

The Thingz hail form Long Beach and play an incredibly infectious blend of garage punk rock with a real surf vibe about it.  Having released a handful of albums on vinyl, we are so very excited to be able to release them in the UK.  With some of the most fun songs we’ve heard, The Thingz are a band you can’t help but love!



Perfect pop punk!

Hailing from Fukuoka in Japan, this three piece play some of the finest pop punk you’ll hear.  Think of bands like The Mr. T Experience (especially the “Love Is Dead” era) and the whole Lookout! Records sound and you have The MSGS!  Rammed with melodies, this lot really are pop punk rock perfection!



London based gruff punk rock.

This three piece play a stunning brand of gruff punk rock, with some skate influences, loads of melodies, cracking vocals and what makes it worse is that they’re genuinely really nice dudes!



UK Punk Rock!

Back in the late 90’s Wood came together to make some music based on light hearted punk like The Vandals and NOFX mixed with rock bands from this side of the Atlantic, Therapy?, Wildhearts and 3 Colours Red etc.  Wood songs are all based on real life experience, be that practising in a disused mobile classroom across the road from a Property Management & Letting Agency, going to see Propagandi in Sheffield, to postmen dropping elastic bands on their rounds!  All the important issues are covered.

Wood bio timeline
  • 1998 – band formed in Plymouth
  • 1999 – recorded demo, played live in and around Plymouth, go on hiatus
  • 2010 – Single band practice followed by a short tour of Ireland, record demo with new songs and re-recorded old songs
  • 2011 to 2015 – Occasional one off shows, recorded tracks for “Less Wood, More Talk”
  • 2015 – Couple of years off
  • 2017 – More Wood!



Manchester based hardcore/punk.

Forming in 2007 and often (proudly) considered a ‘marmite’ band and play fast hardcore punk using their base influences of punk, hardcore and metal.

After several lineup changes and unplanned stop starts over the years, Eye Licker now have the most stable lineup they’ve ever had and with a new CD due noiw they look to be going from strength to strength.



Bristol based three piece.  Formed in early 2018, they write fun punk songs about anything from politics, to video games, to D&D. Their influences are varied but include bands like Descendents, Pennywise, Frenzal Rhomb, Therapy?, The Vandals, Wildhearts.  A punk rock frenzy with a hard edge.



Hailing from Bristol, this five piece play some of the finest melodic hardcore about in the UK.

Influenced by The Descendents, Strung Out, Frenzal Rhomb, Black Flag and countless other SoCal hardcore bands. 




Yeah grunge punk rockers.  This lot were active in Reading in the 2000’s and we formed a close bond at the time, that still lives on.  This is a collection of their recorded output, some live tracks and a couple of unreleased bonus tracks at the end.  Some might call it the ultimate collection, we call it Zusammen.



Melodic techy skate punk.

This four piece hail from Ipswich and play fast!  A relatively new band, this lot though have a fine background with their previous projects.  With their debut five track EP coming out on the label, the future is definitely looking bright for this lot!