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BFTD001 :: Second In Line – Anthemology

20 track compilation CD from Newbury (UK) skate punks Second In Line.  Mixing up recordings, demos and live tracks spanning from 2003 to 2016.

Tracks: John Candy Is Dead / Bueller / Stir Crazy / Brewster’s Millions / Death Becomes Him (Live) / Triple Threat (Live) / Joanie Loves Chachi (Acoustic) / Divan / Being Around / Left Behind (Live) / Disco (Live) / Year 2 Year / Tommy’s Got The Porn / Fonzi (Live) / Cherokee / Doh! / This Time / Ego Trip / The Bup Bup Song / Only Fools… (Live)

BFTD002 :: Chester – Chest Of Bester

A collection of one of the UK’s finest punk bands.  26 tracks spanning the career of the London based punk rock band.

Tracks: Cherry Bombs / Pammy Over The Mountain / Atom Bomb / Aliens Abroad / Looking For You / First Pammy In Space / Don’t Go Swimming (With An Anvil On Your Back) / Song About Nothing / Love Dad / Tony Blair / Bug Hat / Playing In A Band / Ridiculous / Billy Bunter’s Postal Order / Get Outta My Way / I’m In Love With Someone (Who’s In Love With Someone Else) / Songs Monkeys Would Write / Girlfriend’s Cat / Before I Had A Girlfriend / Girl Called Summer / Happiest Day Of My Life / Tickle Me Emo / Fuckin’ Party / Back In The Night / Goth Classic / Lime And The Coconut

BFTD003  :: Second In Line – Pryor Knowledge (Live EP)

Five track live CD from Newbury (UK) skate punks Second In Line.  Recorded at various shows, this is a limited edition release for their August 2016 tour.

Tracks: Death Becomes Him / Joanie Loves Chachi / John Candy Is Dead / Stir Crazy / Triple Threat

Ltd edition of 50 copies on CD-R for the Second In Line tour, then another release with jewel case and revised artwork.

BFTD004  ::  Dirty Work – Out For You

Amazing album of instant street punk anthems.  Dirty Work hail from Toronto.  15 track CD.

Tracks: Until We Die / Get Used To It / So Drunk / Runaway / We’re Alright / About A Hooker / Dirty Work / Rash Boogie / Eat’er And Smile / Armed And Dangerous / Got Back My Pride / We Don’t Care / Dirty Girls / Out For You / We’re Up

BFTD005  ::  The Thingz – Vault Of Tomorrow

Garage punk rock with a huge dose of surf all the way from Long Beach.  10 track album full of catchy tunes!

Tracks: Black Dust / Vault Of Tomorrow / Soulmates / Mercy Brown / Almost Real / Gospel Swamp / Lotta Moth Action / Life And Fate / Good Trash, Bad Trash / White Pants

BFTD006 :: Various Artists – Dead Music For Dead People

22 track punk rock compilation!

Tracks: Spoilers – The Unlucky Winner Is / Natterers – And No Birds Sing / Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – I Wanna Be A Spaceman / Layman’s Terms – Undeniable / Sink Alaska – Overkill Is Underrated / The Burnt Tapes – Oh Marie / Fifteen Years – Suburban Wasteland / Second In Line – Blanche / Resuscitators – Jaws Of Life / Werecats – Cut Me Up / Paper Champ – Medicate Myself / The Thingz – Black Dust / Philtrum – Crantock / Demon Smiles – Keys / Lesser Known Character – The Fear Tree / T & The Mugs – Panic Room / Hacksaw – Do Not Feed The Geese (They’re Dead) / Local Mad Man – 1-1. 2-1. 2-4 / Murderer’s Row – Rosie / Tenth Listen – Awaken / Sweet Diego – Common Tendancy To Fuck Things Up / Wood – B’stard

BFTD007 :: Wood – More Talk, Less Wood

12 tracks of explosive punk rock.  It’s heavy, it’s fun, it’s amazing!  UK punk rock since 1998!

Tracks: Wood / Doyouthinkhesawus, Rex? / Bakewell Tarts / B’stard / No Wood / Yellow Terror / Property Management And Letting Agency / Fish / Itch / McDonalds / A Public Disservice Announcement On Behalf Of The CWU (The Only Good Postman Is A Tidy Postman) / Love Thy Neighbours

BFTD008 :: Born Stupid – Zusammen

17 tracks of grunge punk rock from the 2000’s by Reading’s finest.

Tracks: Fantasy / Robot Boy / Acceptance / Flight / Ballad Of Gravesend / Mr. Popular / Ascension Of The Faithless / Ageing / Videohead / I Don’t Know / Moneybags / Mr. Popular (Live) / Fantasy (Live) / Robot Boy (Live) / Torture (Live) / Statue Of Heart Square (Live) / Untitled Instrumental

BFTD009 ::  Local Mad Man – Amongst The Thieves And Liars

New 5 track EP from London’s Local Mad Man.  A blend of hardcore and punk rock.

Tracks: 1-1-2-1-2-4 / Anonymous Amongst The Alcoholics / I Hope It Bites You / Keyboard Warrior / I’ve Had Enough

BFTD010 :: Better Days – Sussudio Arc

Nine tracks of brutal US Hardcore.  This lot hail from St. Louis and this release also features four bonus tracks from their self titled EP.

Tracks: Better Days Takes Manhattan / Jon Arbuckle / That’s Unfortunate / Wait For The Clap / Your Trough, Or Mine? / Coll Ice / Troll Toll / The Poke / Opinions Vary

BFTD011 :: Paper Champ – Easily L.E.D. EP

Five tracks of blistering UK skate punk with techy riff action.  Fast and furious!

Tracks: Faith Costs / Building Bridges / Way Over The Line / Stories From Around Campfires / Blacklist Me

BFTD012 :: The Unsatisfied ‎– Street Shaman                                    

Stunning punk meets rock n roll from Chatanooga.  Also stars Duane Dennison (The Jesus Lizard, Tomahawk). The UK release also features two original versions from the 90’s of two of the tracks, so is something to behold!

Tracks: Slugs / Terrorist FM (Terrorist or Family Man?) / Angelic Wall (2016 Version) / White (2016 Version) / Angelic Wall (Original Version) / White (Original Version)

BFTD013 :: Tim Holehouse / Kaleb Stewart – Split

Nine track split album from the legendary Tim Holehouse and Kaleb Stewart from As Friends Rust.

Tracks: Tim – Gainesville City Limits / Tim – Melly / Tim – Just Say It / Tim – Times Gone By / Tim – Guns Of Brixton / Kaleb – Everything’s Seperated / Kaleb – Slips My Mind / Kaleb – I Keep Trying / Kaleb – Ball And Chain

BFTD014 :: Second In Line – Live @ The Garage

Rare live recording of UK skate punks Second In Line from The Garage in Highbury, London.  This was recently unearthed on a cassette, that was recorded by an audience member.  We managed to get hold of a copy, digitize it and we’ve stuck it out so this isn’t a lost recording.  Recorded on 26th August 2003.

Tracks: Ego Trip / D’oh! / This Time / Fonzi / Year 2 Year / Ronan / Trust /  The Litten Tree / Left Behind

BFTD015 :: Second In Line – Livin’ La Basing Stoka

12 track live set from the UK skate punks.  Recorded live @ The Irish Centre, Basingstoke on 4th October 2017.  Recorded by Neil Duncan, mixed by Matt Green, cover artwork by Russell Taysom.  A great fun live set from the chaps.

Tracks: Bueller / Stir Crazy / Joanie Loves Chachi / Joey / Standard Generic Three Chord Punk Rock Song / Blanche / Biff / Tiffani / Triple Threat / John Candy Is Dead / Death Becomes Him / Fools

BFTD016 :: The MSGS – Chuck

12 tracks of the purest pop punk you’ll hear.  Hailing from Japan and with a love of The Mr. T Experience.  Also includes bonus track, exclusive to this UK release, a remix of “System Failure” by Monsieur D.

Tracks: King Carnivore / A Million Ways / Evelyn / She Don’t Love You (And She’s Gonna Break Your Heart) / Go Teenager / Machine-guns & Motorcars / Tracey Hates My Guts / Jonny’s Throwing-up Again / System Failure / Saydnaua / I Don’t Wanna Walk You Home / System Failure (Monsieur D Remix)

BFTD017  ::  The Thingz – Troubles Begin

7 tracks of catchy garage punk rock from Long Beach, CA.  Originally released on vinyl via Coffee Addict Records.

Tracks: Shadows / Serpent’s Tooth / Dead Time / Dead Mountain Rock / Trouble / Stumbling Blues / Tell Me Why

BFTD018 :: Claims Direct – No Win No Fee

4 track EP recorded and released back in 2001 from the short lived Newbury pop punk skate band.  Claims Direct featured members of Mister Pringle, Second In Line, SHT & Garbage Pail Kids. Originally released on Far Q Records in 2001.  Digital only release, free download.

Tracks: Fish Food / State Of The Nation / Goodbye / Debit

BFTD019 ::  Murderers Row – Self Titled

3 track self titled EP rammed with stunning punk rock tunes.  The three piece hail from Southampton and have had a few drummer changes with Matt (guitar) and Rachel (bass/vocals) being ever present.  This was originally released on CD in 2016 and not available digitally.  Digital only release, free download.

Tracks: Rosie / Borrowed Time / Selfish

BFTD020 :: Second In line – iCandy

Featuring all 12 of Second In Line’s “a song a month” during 2017.  They’re fun, short songs and this collects them all together on one CD.

Tracks: Blanche / Tiffani / Theresa / April / Joey / Phil / Biff / K-2s0 / Judd / Victor / Murray / Clark

BFTD021 :: Zero Pretties – In It For The Noise

3 track demo of riot grrrl infused punk rock.  Hailing from Manchester, this five piece were active in the early 2000’s and have always impressed us.  Rammed with passion and aggression, you’ll be hard stretched to find a finer UK riot grrrl band that’s for sure.  Digital only release, free download.

Tracks: You Never Know / Suffocate / Sleaxxxe

BFTD022 :: Layman’s Terms – An Invite To The End

Six tracks of some of the finest melodic hardcore around.  Hailing from Bristol, this five piece are seriously at the top of their game and leading the way for UK melodic hardcore.

Tracks: Phy[sic]s / Undeniable / Letters To The Dead / Cut The Line / Rad And Subtract / Suffer The Fools

BFTD023 :: Buzztone – Live @ The Garage

Recorded live in London at The Garage on 22nd December 2005.  Buzztone were a skate punk band who hailed from Swindon in the 2000’s and played damn fast.  This live recording was never released before and we are please to be able to offer this one it’s debut airing.  Digital only release, free download.

Tracks: Do They Know It’s Xmas / We Don’t Care / Something’s Wrong / Weapons / I’m Still Fighting / Inside Out / Scars / Sweet Child / Fortune Girl

BFTD024 :: Various Artists – The Threeway Tour 2018

Limited edition CD-R released in conjunction with the Second In Line / Resuscitators / Kearney’s Jig mini tour.  All proceeds from the sale of this donated to “Musicians Against Homelessness”.

Tracks: Second In Line – Blanche / Kearney’s Jig – Death By Erection / Resuscitators – A Record Of My Own Self Doubt / Second In Line – Stir Crazy / Kearney’s Jig – Cock Ring / Resuscitators – The River

BFTD025 :: Just Add Monsters – Blood On Your Hands (The Best Of)

15 track collection from the UK hardcore punk band who were active between 2008 and 2013.  This release brings their recorded output together along with two bonus tracks.  One with it’s first CD release and one that has never been released before.

Tracks: Discontent / This Town / Bear Vs. Gorilla / Unity / Kelly’s Got Issues / Blood On Your Hands / Dead Inside / Changes / Apollo / Discontent / Bear Vs. Gorilla / Blood On Your Hands / Dominick The Donkey / Brooks Was Here / 3 Down 1 Up

BFTD026 :: Eye Licker – Once More Into The Rabbit Hole

Eight tracks of stunning hardcore punk from this Manchester lot.  Often (proudly) considered a ‘marmite’ band, they play fast hardcore punk using their base influences of punk, hardcore and metal.

Tracks: Intro Schmintro / The Safeword Is “Harder” / In Sanity / I Don’t Fit In / Choking Hazard / Death And Taxes / Clean Out The Way / Dumbstruck

BFTD027 :: 2 Sick Monkeys – Into Oblivion

The final album from the amazing Swindon 2 piece punk rock legends.  Twenty tracks of sublime bass and drum punk frickin rock!  Proper job!

Tracks: Theme From The Monkeys / Public Relations / Zombie Holocaust / The Endgame / Waves / These Are The Things That Don’t Seem Like Fun To Me / The Boatman / Take It / What D’You Know? / No-One Seemed To Care / Games / Before I Die / Superhero / Blinko And I / Nail In The Sky / Swamp Too / The Mask / Blurrr III / Misery / Leaving

BFTD028 :: 20 Bulls Each – Best Days

Long since defunct hardcore punk band who hailed from Dublin.  They played their final show in Jan 2015, here we present four tracks of blistering hardcore.  These tracks have not been released before.  For fans of bands like Agnostic Front and Sick Of It All.  Digital only release, free download.

Tracks: Best Days Behind Us / Heart Strings / Hard Times / Fist Of God

BFTD029 :: Various Artists – What Time Is The First Band On?

12 track label sampler, given away free.

Tracks: Eye Licker – The Safeword Is “Harder” / Layman’s Terms – Letters To The Dead / Second In Line – Bueller / Local Mad Man – Keyboard Warrior / The MSGS – Tracey Hates My Guts / Wood – Yellow Terror / The Unsatisfied – Slugs / The Thingz – Serpent’s Tooth / Resuscitators – The River / 20 Bulls Each – Heart Strings / Born Stupid – Fantasy / Just Add Monsters – Discontent

BFTD030 :: Rash Decision – Karoshi

Punk/Thrash/Hardcore/Metal all rolled into one.  Hailing from Cornwall, UK, Rash Decision play it hard n fast!

Tracks: 900 Minutes / The Martockian / Snakes / Buzzsaw Tomohawk / The Seagull Has Landed / Glass Cannons / Learning Things About The World – Part 5 / Fuck The Tide / Knocked Loose / A Mouth’s A Mouth / Sick And Tired (And Ready To Die) / Salary Man / Medium Raw / Strife

BFTD031 :: Jobseekers- This Is Not 1984 / The Hoors – Rise Of…  (Split CD)

Jobseekers hail from Eire and play a blend of hardcore punk mixed with skate punk. The Hoors are a new project by former members of the punk band Dogshit Sandwich!

Tracks: Jobseekers: Through The Noose / Spit / Corporate Zombies / This Is Not 1984 / How Many Calories In An Ice-Cream / No Power, No Control / Nothing.  The Hoors: The Rise Of The Machines / Douglas Bluenose / Clarkey The Clown (Get Out Of My Damn Head) / Bee Specialzzz / Countdown To Ejaculation / Meals Without Squeals / A Fistful Of Punts (The Edgeworthstwon Great Bingo Robbery)

BFTD032 :: Eastfield – Houmous

A compilation from the finest UK rail punx out there.  Mixing in old releases, long since out of print, different versions.  Basically a real treasure trove for any punk rock fan.

Tracks: S*W*A*Y*Z*E / Come To Bevland / Radio West / Eddie Watson / Three Seats / CI5 Revisited / Mask / Weston Super Scare / Mansion / Jostick Head / Anti / Tudor House Painter / Fish / Johnson / Mr. Willis / Todd Landers / Ooh Aah… Just A Little Bit / Wasted / Turn That Nosie Down / Just A Little Bit More / S*W*A*Y*Z*E / Come To Bevland / Eddie Watson / Juggling / The World According To David Icke / Money / Jumping Under Someone Else’s Train / Shake It Up / Glad To Be Gay / Rugeley Crimestoppers / Train To The Top Of The World / Class 20s Of The Apocalypse

BFTD033 :: F Emasculata – Take Me Home

New recordings and previous recorded output from Cornwall’s X-files hardcore thrash punks.

Tracks: Roadrunners / What’s In The Jar / Field Trip / Season 10 / The Great Mutato / Nisei / I’m A Medical Doctor / Little Green Men / Fire / EBE / Tooms / What Do You Want From Me / Who Do You Believe / Black Oil / S.T. / Erlenmeyer Flask / F. Emasculata / Samantha / Pinck Parcel / Copy Song / Season 9 / Nobody / Z-15 / Shane / X-Files

BFTD034 :: Wood – Bish

Four brand new tracks from the elusive Wood.  It’s heavy, it’s fast, it’s a hell lotta good too!

Tracks: Badness Weirdness / I Think All Bands Suck / Shit Driver / Hey, Simon Peach!

BFTD035 :: Chester – Living Room On Tour

Originally released in 2001, this 12 track album from London’s Chester is a fine example of their scratchy garage punk rock sound.  Digital only release, available for free download.

Tracks: Bug Hat / Cherry Bombs / Periscope / Lookin’ For You / I Wanna Car / Pammy Over The Mountain / Love Dad / Atom Bomb / Monkeys Love Us / Aliens Aboard / Pancakes / First Pammy In Space

BFTD036 :: Dogshit Sandwich – A Selection Of Hefty Shites

A hand picked best of from the Brummie punk legends.

Tracks: No Fucking Differences / Plastic Paddy / Open Prison / Dogshit Sandwich / Burp My Worm / Gary Glitter You Filthy Cunt / Shite Popular Music / Lemon Tango / Jack’s Fightin’ House / DSS / Judge, Jury & Executioner / Ballz / Unfit 4 Consumption / Scene Leech / Stinkin’ Rich Parasite / Slutz / Tony Blair / R U Making The Tea / Money N Fame / Name Dropper / Tracksuit Clone / Unwanted Scum

BFTD037 :: Copywronged – Fowl Up

Five tracks of explosive punk rock meets hardcore from the Bristol based three piece.  Features members of Layman’s Terms, Wood, Fifteen Years, 20 Bulls Each and more.

Tracks: Globalities / Get Out / Betrayer / No Statues / Change The Lies!

BFTD038 :: Griswalds – Blood On Your Popcorn!

Incredible pop punk from the UK.  From 1995-2016 these chaps were the finest purveyors of pop punk melodies in the Screeching Weasel/Ramones mould.  Originally recorded back in 2007 for a release in the USA, due to many reasons this never happened.  Some of the tracks ended up on compilations.  This is the full EP with bonus demo tracks and more…

Tracks: Heart-Shaped Teardrops / See Her Tonight / Crisis Meeting / Operator / On The Ropes (demo) / One Bullet (demo) / You’d Look Good In Red / Your Boyfriend Is A Meathead (demo) / Slogans

BFTD039 :: Wood – Bash

Four more explosive tracks from the incredible Wood.  They’ve been around for years and have finally got productive!

Tracks: Ballaché / Asphyxiwank / SBS / H Song

BFTD040 :: Resuscitators – Pretend It’s Not Over

Six stunning tracks of gruff punk rock. Based in London, one of the UK’s finest.

Tracks: The Ron Swansong / Every Party Needs A Healer / At The Bottom / Sleepless Nights / Disappointment Reigns / Drowning By Days

BFTD041 :: Riviera Kid – Stay Positive

Five tracks combining anarcho punk influences with the powerful heavy metal and grunge grooves of the 90’s. The lyrics carry a deep social message, a blend of protest poetry addressing social reform and equality for all races, genders, and creeds and tacking the stigma of mental health issues, body shaming, human trafficking, and non-binary culture.

Tracks: Make A Change / Sertraline / Effy / Do Something! / Casual Racism

BFTD042 ::  The Union Rags – Self Titled

Originally recorded back in October 2002, The Union Rags hail from Sweden and played stunning street punk.  Digital only release, free download.

Tracks: Action Tonight / Face Down In the Ground / Rebel

BFTD043 :: AJ Simmonds – Don’t Roll Your Eyes

Five tracks of incredible acoustic punk rock one of the UK’s finest.  Recorded, mixed & mastered by Tim Holehouse too!

Tracks: Candlelight Suicide / Just Another Lie / Don’t Roll Your Eyes / Runaway Cliché / Blue Skies Black

BFTD044 :: First In Line – Wake Up!

Seven tracks of blistering hardcore punk rock from Sweden.  They first formed in 1988 and called time in 2000 before coming back in 2008, stronger than ever…

Tracks: They Trick You / Wake Up / Free World Sale / We’re In / Love For All / Die / I Sell You A Sign

BFTD045  ::  Tiki Hangover – Don Cares Not!

Nine tracks of hardcore fueled punk rock.  Demented punk act coming in live and direct from a stinky basement in a God-forsaken town! Taking slams to feel alive, hee hay! Tiki Hangover hail from Milan.

Tracks: Disgust / Perseverance / Bad Ole Habits / M.O.Y. / Rough Cut / All Ages / Spanish Roulette / Coal Train / D.K.E

BFTD046 :: Kobanes – Lethal Injection

Exclusive UK release from the stunning Chicago based Ramones-core punk rockers!  18 tracks!

Tracks: Slow N’ Mean / Bad Guy / Tubshitter / That Day / Alone / #Jailbait / Don’t Touch My Van / Sweet Brown / Season Of The Witch / I’m Down / Mongoloid / T.M.N.T. / I’m Not Afraid / Back To The Hospital / Neat Freak / Lonely Boy / Someday / Dream Lover

BFTD047 :: Wood – Bosh

The final installment from the mighty Wood of their Bish.Bash.Bosh series.  Another four tracks of punk rock goodness.

Tracks: Bananas Can Fuck Off / Obscene Leg / Skunk / Haus

More to come soon… we have some amazing stuff in the pipeline…

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